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The object of a digital spare parts system is to take the workload from your customers and save time and money. In designing PlusParts we had one major aim: to make selecting and ordering spare parts as easy and efficient for your customers as possible.

The most important PlusParts functions are:

Freely-configurable category model
Integrated search engine for equipment and spare parts
Direct access for quick and experienced ordering customers
Zoom in on any spare parts diagram
Order directly from the diagram
Consistent parts list with spare parts search function
Highly-efficient order management
Variable ordering process
PlusParts extras
However extensive your product range, PlusParts is able to display it in its entirety. Both single and multiple level hierarchies can easily be displayed. Even if you need to provide more than one spare parts diagram an article, depending on the year it was manufactured, PlusParts can provide the right solution.
PlusParts' easy-to-use search function allows you to quickly and comfortably select the right spare parts diagram. Depending on what information you already have about the product in question, there is either a category-oriented guided search or a free search which will identify the item you are looking for by specific attributes, e.g. colour, size, shape, etc.
Even for experienced service professionals who know which spare parts to order without the aid of a spare parts diagram, PlusParts' quick order offers you a time-saving ordering option.
In PlusParts, the zoom ratio of spare parts diagrams is indefinitely scalable. This allows you to zoom in on a certain part of the diagram and see every detail of the product. In designing the drawing functions, special focus was placed on adjusting them to existing internet standards so that you intuitively know how to use them. You can also print out all the exploded-view diagrams.
Once you have located the required part in the illustration, simply click on the component to order. This makes it almost impossible to order the wrong part.
In addition to the exploded-view diagram, the appropriate spare parts list will be displayed for each product. All spare parts are listed by name and article number. This lets you identify the required part via the parts list. If you click on an item in the parts list, the system repositions the diagram automatically so that the appropriate part appears in the centre of the spare parts diagram.
After selecting the required spare parts, you will have at your disposal a highly efficient order management tool for subsequently processing items that are ready to be ordered. Before submitting orders, you can save, edit, update, extend or delete orders that are ready to be placed using the order management tool. Optional PlusParts extras allow you to create quotations and warranty applications on the basis of the order you have created.
Even the ordering process is extremely flexible. PlusParts makes it possible either to order directly from the manufacturer or to display multiple-level sales structures (e.g. by including wholesalers). Under the heading "customer management" you can even determine exactly how and where particular user groups can submit their orders.


In addition to the PlusParts basic functions, the following optional extras are available:

Language and country extras
PlusParts can be used in as many languages and for as many countries as you want. This allows you to edit and organise your spare parts data centrally from anywhere in the world. PlusParts is now based entirely on Unicode which means that it can handle such character codes as Cyrillic. This means that languages like Chinese, Hindi and Russian no longer pose any problems.
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On-line Warranty Application
Use PlusParts to more effectively arrange all the necessary warranty proceedings between the manufacturer and service agent.
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Quotation Generator
Is the product still worth repairing? PlusParts makes is easy for service agents to generate a complete price quote which can then either be e-mailed or printed out and sent on to the customer.
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SVG Display Module
For an infinitely-scalable zoom. The SVG display module gives you exploded-view diagrams in vector graphic quality
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Flash Display Module
As with the SVG display module, allows the use of vector-based graphics. See exploded-view diagrams in unprecedented detail.
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Handbook Module
Makes PlusParts the centre of your after-sales service. The handbook module lets you manage the manuals for all your products using the familiar PlusParts back office functions
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SVG Parsing Module
Lets you considerably speed up processing of exploded-view diagrams. Instead of having to manually map out the diagrams, the browser displays parts lists created with the help of artificial intelligence.
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