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In addition to the basic PlusParts functions, we can provide the following optional extras:

Its major advantage, however, lies in the fact that it can display diagrams in a vector-based format on the internet as vector graphics. This means that the quality of the drawing is greatly enhanced and there is no loss of clarity when you zoom in on the picture.
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Since the Macromedia Flash plug-in is widely used, it would be logical to use Flash as the display component. The PlusParts display module can of course handle pixel-based diagrams, which means that here, too, both can be operated simultaneously.
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The PlusParts SVG parser module links up with the back office and automatically generates map files. This reduces the time needed for mapping out diagrams and the lengthy and error-prone process of manual mapping becomes automated using the SVG parser module and thus much faster.
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PlusParts can be used in as many languages and for as many different countries as you want. This lets you organise and maintain your range of spare parts centrally from anywhere in the world. >>> Find out more

PlusParts makes it easier to process warranty applications between service agents and manufacturers. >>> Find out more

Is the product still worth repairing? Service agents can use PlusParts to very easily generate a complete cost estimate which can then be emailed on to customers or printed out and then sent by post. >>> Find out more

The handbook module upgrades PlusParts, giving it an additional handbook, user manual and technical documentation management and distribution function. >>> Find out more