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PlusParts 4.0: Complete Makeover

PlusParts currently gets a complete makeover with version 4. The first part we just launched and are really proud of is the new viewer that is used to display the exploded view diagrams. Despite our main competitors we don't need any plugin installed anymore; it's a complete HTML, Ajax solution that runs everywhere even on iPhones and iPads.

The main new features are:
  • 100% HTML, no plug-ins necessary (no flash, no java, no silverlight )
  • Thumbnails make it easy to navigate
  • Modern, state-of-the-art Ajax User Interface
  • Runs on every platform, including iPhone, iPad, Android
  • Up to six times faster
  • Order where you click

PlusParts 2.0: new features for the intelligent spare parts system
The latest version of PlusParts (version 2.0), our intelligent online spare part identification and ordering system now has some very interesting additional features: besides the improved display quality and upgraded base functions, the use of the integrated SVG parsing module represents a huge step forward. It will save you a lot of time when creating map files and will immediately pay off since there is less personnel involved.
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PlusParts 2.0 excels with a completely updated back office

The latest version of PlusParts (version 2.0), the intelligent online spare part ordering system is even better than before with a completely updated back office. The extensive array of new statistics functions and a newly-developed authorisation and role system offers customers a more secure system that’s easier to use in their daily work with the application.
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Bokowsky + Laymann introduces online spare parts system:
Find and order spare parts at the click of a mouse

The Munich-based internet services provider, Bokowsky + Laymann proposed its powerful online spare parts identification and ordering application known as "PlusParts". PlusParts lets companies organise the entire sales process of their spare parts efficiently and cost-effectively via the internet. Spare parts are quickly identified using exploded-view diagrams and ordered simply by clicking on the mouse...
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