Rochford Ltd.
Allen Power
PlusParts ASP
The following sample of references demonstrates the extraordinary versatility of our system.
AL-KO Garten+Hobby Rochford Garden Machinery

Spare part identification and ordering system created for the Garden + Hobby division of AL-KO and based on the PlusParts framework.

Online spare parts shop based on PlusParts and created for the British wholesaler Rochford containing over 30 brands from an extensive range of manufacturers.

Allen Power Equipment PlusParts ASP Gardening Edition UK

A business-to-business spare parts shop based on PlusParts that was integrated into an existing Extranet for the garden machinery manufacturer Allen Power. In using this strategy, we were able to completely replace the existing Allen spare parts system within a very short time and at reasonable cost.

Our British sales partner has introduced an attractive ASP solution called PlusParts ASP Gardening Edition UK for the use of wholesalers and importers. This is specifically designed, in terms of its technology and content, to cater for the needs of the British garden machinery industry.


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