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PlusParts ASP Gardening Edition UK
An ASP solution* with added value for the British garden machinery industry.
Due to popular demand, our British sales partner has launched an attractive ASP solution called PlusParts ASP Gardening Edition UK for wholesalers and importers that cannot afford a custom-designed PlusParts system due to the costs involved. This edition is specifically designed, in terms of its technology and content, to cater for the needs of the British garden machinery industry.

Tried and tested PlusParts technology + extensive content
In addition to receiving the tried-and-tested PlusParts technology, customers will also be given a content package that contains spare part data and diagrams of the most important products and brands available on the UK market. The PlusParts UK Gardening Edition now features more than 10,000 parts diagrams for 4000 pieces of equipment from approximately 30 different brands.

The ASP customers themselves can put together their portfolio according to brand name, i.e. in the backoffice, they determine which of the brands from the standard range the system will display to their customers.

The content, of course, is continually updated. As soon as a manufacturer releases new data pertaining to spare parts for a piece of equipment, this data is updated centrally and immediately accessible to all participating dealers. Customers therefore never need to worry about updating the content of their spare parts system.

ASP im Einsatz bei Handy Parts ASP im Einsatz bei Buy A Mower
ASP in use at Handy Parts
ASP in use at Buy A Mower

Adaptable standard application
PlusParts ASP Gardening Edition UK is a stand-alone web application that can be linked to any existing website. Contrary to the standard PlusParts application, the spare parts search and ordering process is not incorporated completely into the webpages as an integral part of the customer's website. However, the storefront layout can be adjusted to match the basic corporate identity by including the company logo and an appropriate colour set. Users will be able to see the entire parts diagram in the best possible resolution thanks to the optimised relative layout of the online catalogue.

The prices the system displays are standard and correspond to the manufacturer's recommended retail price. However, ASP customers can replace these with their own prices and add individual discount rates, postage and packing costs, general terms and conditions and despatch conditions. It is also easy to enter and update all customer data in the backoffice. You can even access and edit all current orders that are stored in the system using the order management menu.

Geführte Suche bei Handy Parts Ersatzteildarstellung bei Buy A Mower
Guided search at Handy Parts
Parts diagram at Buy A Mower

Additional services for more comfort and customer orientation
In addition to PlusParts' core function of identifying spare parts, the PlusParts UK Gardening Edition also features an optional warranty application module that includes a standard warranty application form and a quotation generator. There is also an interface that enables you to undertake a stock availability check for the articles selected and then lets you immediatly import this order into the ERP system. This interface is available for Map4 and Ibcos gold, the leading ERP systems for the British market and specifically this industry.

Two of Britain's most important garden machinery distributors, Handy Distribution and F.G. Adamson & Son have already opted for the PlusParts ASP Gardening Edition UK.

ASP (Application Service Providing). This is where an Application Service Provider (ASP) supplies the customer with an application (e.g. PlusParts) that they are able to use via a public network such as the Internet. The ASP looks after all the administration, such as creating backup files, importing patches, etc. This means that the customer does not have to worry about e.g. operating the server or ensuring that the system is working properly.

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