PlusParts is designed to be implemented effectively on the internet. When it was first developed, great emphasis was put on the use of open standards and a minimum of system requirements. Here are the most important technical details.
A multi-tiered architecture, incorporating the web server, PHP and RDBM forms the basis of PlusParts. A database abstraction layer allows for any relational database to be used. When using the CD-ROM version of PlusParts, we recommend that you use SQLite to save costs and easier administration. The CD-ROM and internet versions generally use the same components in order to ensure that appearance and functions remain the same and to minimise the probability of errors. Companies that use both systems will experience considerable cost reductions in maintenance, since there is really only one system to maintain.

On the server end, PlusParts requires a Unix/Linux server or Windows 200X server with an installed web server, PHP and relational database. Hardware requirements remain moderate. The Apache HTTP web server is used as standard, although any other server working with PHP can be used, e.g. Internet information server, AOL server, Xitami, PWS or Netscape server. The memory required depends largely on the amount of exploded-view diagrams being used.
The internet version of PlusParts requires only internet access, as well as a 4th generation browser (e.g. Internet Explorer 4, Netscape 4.x).as well as an installed Java Virtual Machine. In order to view SVG and Flash files you will also need a SVG viewer (e.g.: Adobe SVG viewer 3.0, Corel SVG viewer 1.0) or Macromedia Flash player .PlusParts can therefore be used worldwide. The CD-ROM version requires Microsoft Windows with version 98 or higher (98, 98SE, ME, NT4 SP6, 2000, XP), a CD-ROM drive, 128 MB Ram and at least an Intel Pentium II 400 Mhz. All other components needed are supplied with the CD and installed if necessary.
The combination of Apache, PHP and MySQL has stood the test of time and is already being used by millions on the internet. It also provides PlusParts with a sound base for continually reliable operation and makes it easy to expand and update PlusParts. Anything that can be done with PHP can theoretically also be done with PlusParts; e.g. more complex functions such as links to existing ERPs or the automatic creation of PDF files.

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