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A B-2-B spare parts shop based on PlusParts was integrated into an existing Extranet for the British garden machinery manufacturer Allen Power. In doing so, we were able to successfully replace the existing Allen spare parts system within a very short time and at reasonable cost.

Objective: To replace the existing spare-part system with PlusParts

Before the start of this project, Allen had already been using another spare-part system for several years. The aim of our project was to replace this system with ours and, at the same time, completely integrate the old spare part system that had previously been used as a stand-alone system, into the existing dealer Extranet. Our customer hoped that PlusParts would not only offer additional features and improve the quality of the parts diagrams but also be more economical. Our customer was eager to have a system that worked on an international scale, i.e. a system that would extend beyond the boundaries of the British market. The simple handling it offered when working with different languages and countries was an important criterion for Allenís decision to choose PlusParts.

The challange: To quickly and simply integrate existing data
Parts diagramm

As part of the migration process, it was necessary to find a method to easily transfer all the existing data from the previous system into the new system. And since Allen also acted as importer for other brands, the spare part system would need to be able to integrate the different data output formats of the updates it regularly receives. The customer also wanted to be able to update his entire system, including all diagrams, using only his web browser, i.e. avoiding the need to use other desktop programs. Of course, this was also possible thanks to the comprehensive parsing functions included in the PlusParts backoffice.

Realistation: Complete integration into the allen extranet

The aim was to make the spare part system an integral part of the Allen Extranet. This made it necessary to adjust it to the look and feel of the existing on-line catalogue. In their case, the PlusParts system was not only changed optically but also in terms of its functions in order to fit in with their Extranet. In order to avoid having to sign on twice (once for each system), we used the PlusParts authentification process for the personal log-in and personalisation of the existing Extranet. The open PlusParts interfaces mean that, in future, the Allen dealer locator can access the PlusParts-administered dealer database. This will avoid the occurrence of redundant dealer data in the database. From now on, trade partners will be able to update their data themselves via the Extranet.

The PlusParts warranty application function and PlusParts quotation generator are two attractive new services included in the dealer Extranet to which Allen's trade partners have access. Customers can also use PlusParts to carry out an on-line stock availability check for all spare parts.

About the customer
Allen Power Equipment is a traditional British garden machinery manufacturer that sells its own Allen brand products as well as importing other, predominantly American brands, for the British market. For more information on Allen Power Equipment, please visit

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