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For the Garden + Hobby division of AL-KO, we created a spare part identification and ordering system with added value, based on the PlusParts framework.
The system, which is available either on the Internet or via a CD-Rom, allows service centres and specialists to quickly and easily locate the correct spare part needed to repair any AL-KO product and then order it directly on-line or by fax.

Startseite des AL-KO Garten+Hobby Ersatzteilsystems
Start page of AL-KO Garden + Hobby spare parts system

The system includes all products manufactured in the past five years, including gardening equipment from other AL-KO-owned brands like the premium Concord brand, AL-KO Powerline and numerous other OEM products produced by AL-KO.

AL-KO partners currently have on-line access to parts diagrams of over 5,000 products with over 25,000 spare parts.

This spare part system was primarily created and designed to be used online. There is also a CD-Rom version available for those who do not already have access to the Internet; the microfiche system that AL-KO previously used for identifying spare parts will soon be completely phased out .

The AL-KO online spare-part system has an integrated search and classification function that allows you to clearly identify the piece of equipment you want to repair, even if you do not know the article number or product name.

You can zoom in on any part shown in the selected exploded-view diagram and enlarge it enough to be able to see it clearly enough to correctly identify it. This makes it very easy to find the particular screw or lawnmower blade that you're looking for. By simply clicking on the required spare part, the part is added to your shopping basket and you can then either order it online or, if using the CD-Rom version, print out the order form and send this on to AL-KO by fax.

Auftragsverwaltung bei AL-KO Garten+Hobby
Auftragsverwaltung bei AL-KO Garten+Hobby
In order to provide AL-KO service representatives with even more possibilities, the AL-KO online spare part system offers interesting additional features. Firstly, it facilitates the warranty application process with AL-KO and secondly, the integrated quotation generator lets you quickly draft a presentable quotation, based on the spare parts ordered, after only a few steps. This can then be printed out and presented to the end customer or sent by e-mail.

AL-KO hopes that this new service will get a positive response, especially due to the inclusion of these additional features that were developed during workshop sessions with AL-KO service partners. They will help specialists to deal with routine daily administrative tasks more efficiently.

The on-line ordering system was first presented to the industry at Gafa 2000 and then integrated into the partner sections of the AL-KO on-line catalogue. A CD-ROM in five languages is available for a nominal fee. The online catalogue, however, is free. A B2C view-only parts catalogue, accessible to all AL-KO customers, has been available since 2003 in addition to the B2B system.

This was integrated into the service section of the AL-KO website and enables end customers to identify the part they need for any AL-KO product. In the interests of service partners, it is not possible to order directly from the site.

The system was initially available in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. In 2004, Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Russian were also added.

The system requirements for the envisaged target group, "specialists" have purposely been kept to a minimum; the CD-ROM version runs on a PC with just 300 MHz and the Internet version requires an Internet connection, a web browser and Java Virtual Machine.

AL-KO Garden + Hobby is an international manufacturer of gardening machinery and water, transport and DIY technology products. The company is based in Kötz near Stuttgart, Germany. Besides having its own brand, AL-KO is also one of the industry's biggest OEM and privat-label manufacturers. For more information about AL-KO Garden+Hobby, please visit

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