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Why do I need an online spare parts system?

Whatever your current system of distributing spare parts data (microfiche, CD-ROM or catalogue), a changeover to an online spare parts application carries with it many advantages. Here are the most important ones:

By using an online ordering application, you save the costs of manufacturing and distributing spare part diagrams on microfiche/CD Rom or with spare parts catalogues. In future you will be able to pass on spare parts data to service agents and customers effortlessly, saving you production and postage costs. PlusParts still enables you to produce printed catalogues, CD ROMs and microfiches if needed.
With our online ordering application, you can offer your customers a worldwide 24-hour ordering service for spare parts. Via the internet, your spare parts information is available everywhere and at any time of day or night.
An online spare parts application means that your customers will always have access to your current data. Any necessary changes can be made immediately. This means you no longer have to wait until your new set of microfiches or new catalogue is out in order to make price alterations or other modifications.
Only online media allow you to display the entire selection and ordering process without resorting to other media. The manufacturer can copy all the details from a purchase order directly to an ERP system. What's more, PlusParts still allows you to produce CD-ROMs, microfiches and catalogues thanks to its media-independent database. However, everything is much cheaper to produce and will takes less effort.

Why PlusParts?

If you compare PlusParts to other online spare parts applications, you will soon recognise its unique strengths. Here are some points that you should know about:

PlusParts uses open source technologies. This means it is almost infinitely expandable. Any desired additional function can easily be integrated either from the very beginning or later on. Two interesting existing features that we already offer are the online warranty processing and quotation generation tools. A whole host of other interesting applications can also be implemented. In opting for PlusParts, you are opting for an application that offers ample investment security. PlusParts can thus be integrated into existing ERP and e-commerce systems and thus perfectly suited for use in the corporate environment.

PlusParts was developed with the aim of providing the best possible online spare parts system covering all stages of the spare parts sales chain and all distribution channels. The easy-to-use back office functions are the reason why more and more people have chosen PlusParts for online sales of their products. PlusParts also means that your Internet shop is and continues to be "trouble-free".

Its media-independent database makes PlusParts ideal for managing all manner of output media relevant to spare parts. You manage the spare parts data centrally in PlusParts, edit data uslig the browser-based back office and are still free to decide which medium you will use for distribution: Internet, CD-ROM, microfiche or printed catalogue. PlusParts is the right system for any media.

PlusParts can be designed according to your individual tastes. You can adjust the application completely to your corporate design requirements and even integrate it so that it harmonises with an existing Extranet or online shop. PlusParts provides you with an ideal combination of practicality and design.
The extraordinary versatility of the PlusParts display function leaves nothing to be desired. There is an infinitely variable zoom that allows you to zoom in and out of exploded view diagrams. This is true for both pixel-based and vector-based graphic formats. You can even jump effortlessly from one drawing to the next within spare parts diagrams consisting of several pages. PlusParts is extremely easy-to-use.
The web server system requirements for PlusParts are comparatively small. It is possible to host PlusParts on almost any platform and in almost any technical environment: whether you want a provider to host PlusParts or host PlusParts within your own DMZ, the application always works. This means PlusParts provides an application that is also ideally suited to your existing web architecture.
PlusParts is supported entirely by a database and therefore offers a user-friendly search function and a superior order management tool. This also means that all texts can be easily and quickly changed with the back office. This is especially useful when additional translation work needs to be done.
The extensive and easy-to-use back office included with PlusParts makes it possible for you to keep the entire application continually up-to-date yourself. You can change spare parts data and system texts, input new spare parts or delete old ones from any computer with online access, thanks to its browser-based application. PlusParts allows you to easily manage maintenance and updating costs.