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Here is a selection of frequently-asked questions about PlusParts and their answers.

How many articles and spare parts can I keep organised with PlusParts ?
PlusParts allows you to manage as many articles as you want.

How can I myself ensure that the system is kept up-to-date ?
PlusParts includes an extensive back office allowing you to easily keep your database up to date. Following a one-day workshop, you or your employees will be able to maintain the spare parts system one their own.

What do I do if not all of my customers have online access?
You can also give them PlusParts on CD-ROM. This allows for offline operation. PlusParts will even generate the templates for producing microfiches and printed catalogues directly out of the system.

To what extent can I adapt the user interface to my own corporate design and requirements?
You can make just about as many changes to the user interface you want and thereby adjust it to any corporate design. There is a demonstration of this in our trial version using two completely different designs for our fictitious company, Herb Cutters plc.

Can I link PlusParts directly to my ERP system?
Due to the open structure of PlusParts it can be integrated into almost any IT environment. This means that a link to your ERP system is also theoretically possible. You will have to decide for yourself, depending on each case, whether it is worth having a real-time connection or not.

In what format do I need to have the spare parts diagrams ?
This does not really matter. You can use almost any electronic format. If you only have diagrams in printed form (hardcopy), these will have to be scanned in first. If the data you have is in a vector-based format, you may be able to use the SVG parsing module which will substanially accelerate all further processing.

Is PlusParts only suited to certain market segments?
No. PlusParts is ideally suited to any line of business where spare parts are sold using exploded-view diagrams.

Can I import spare parts and customer data from my existing systems?
Yes. Spare parts data can be copied to PlusParts from almost any format which can export data (e.g. CSV format). You can easily import all data from your existing database into PlusParts.

In how many languages can I use PlusParts?
There is no limit to the number of languages you can use. If you want to include languages which use non-Roman or 'Western' characters (e.g. Russian, Arabic, etc.), it will be necessary to integrate a unicode-compatible database.

Can I display PlusParts on mobile devices?
You can display PlusParts wherever an internet browser of the 4th generation and above is being used. Whether you are using a laptop computer in conjunction with a mobile phone or accessing the internet using Webpads, PlusParts will always follow. It can even be used via a PDA or Smartphone making mobile e-commerce possible.

Do you have any other questions? If so, drop us a line!