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The extensive PlusParts back office makes it easy for you to keep your online spare-parts system up to date. The back office is a 100% browser based. This means maintaining spare parts data is as easy as surfing on the internet. It means that you can update all data from anywhere in the world. Even foreign distributors are able to maintain certain data from abroad (e.g. customer data and addresses).

This is the heart of the back office where you can create and classify new parts diagrams, assign individual products to product groups, and change prices, article numbers and bill of material data. In order to simplify the search for the user, you can add additional information pertaining to the products in the system such as, e.g. enter individual product attributes which allow the user to clearly identify the product even if he does not know the article number.

Parts management - overview
Classification of a single product
Detail view of products in the system
User-friendly category administration
The import function enables you to import spare parts data from MS Excel

The back office lets you easily integrate drawings and maps into the system that you have created using OCR and picture editing programs. This means that you can update the system without an additional FTP client. If you need to make changes to a larger number of files, there is always an easy time-saving batch function. A special OCR software lets almost anyone create new exploded-view diagrams following a short introduction (assuming they have a basic understanding of the PC). If your diagrams are in vector format, we recommend using the SVG parsing module. This is fullly integrated into the "Drawings + Maps" section in the back office. If you use the SVG parsing module the spare parts diagrams are processed entirely in the back office. You will no longer need an additional external program.

Data can be imported and exported for the lengthy process of updating mass data such as spare part designations, prices and dealer addresses. You can comfortably edit mass data in Microsoft Excel or similar programmes and import these into the system via the back office. PlusParts can differenciate between countries and languages depending on what you need. You can continue editting all data directly in the back office.

Easy integration of drawings and maps via web form

You can easily change any texts in the system and create different language versions using the translator function. Naturally, this includes the categories, article descriptions and names of spare parts. Of course, this also includes the categories, article names and spare part designations. In order to add new categories and article names in all languages as promptly as possible, a "to do" list is available for the "translator" group which automatically notifies you when changes have been made in the source language.

Translation of attributes
Translation of a template

This allows you to maintain data pertaining to wholesalers and update their address details. Customer data management allows you to edit your customers' user data. The users can also make changes to their data by themselves. This menu also features sales and revenue statistics as well as giving you access to your customers previous and open orders.

In order to allow more than one user, other branches or external translators to work on your spare parts application, the back office id based on a powerful authorisation and role system.

You can freely create groups and assign any function in the back office to one of these groups.The authorisations always apply also to the language and country administrators. The administrative cost per user is thus kept to a bare minimum since only a few global groups are needed to cover all the roles. This makes PlusParts perfectly suited to multi-national and multi-lingual use.
You can update and edit the country and language-specific settings under,"Administration."

User administration enables individual access authorisations for specific functions
Of course we offer an intensive training for your staff on the operation of the back-office application as well as on the OCR software used.

Direct support hotline also available.