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This module makes use of the advantages of the XML-based file format "Scalable Vector Graphics" (SVG). The PlusParts SVG parser module links up with the back office and automatically generates map files. This reduces the time needed for mapping out drawings and the lengthy and error-prone process of manual mapping is automated using the SVG parser module and thus becomes faster. The user's role is thereby reduced to that of 'controller' and he will only have to manually intervene in the task of editing drawings in exceptional cases.
The SVG parser module is based on an AI-supported rule generator capable of handling 'mixed' drawings on which, for example, some items are not to be mapped. In addition to this, the system is capable of learning by itself, i.e. the more diagrams you work on, the quicker the system becomes. The entire workflow of the SVG parser module is based upon the zero-error principle, i.e. the system will attempt to intercept any errors the user may make during workflow and, failing that, notify the user of any errors that occur enabling him to rectify these himself in a single operation. This subsequently avoids the lengthy manual search for, and rectification of possible errors.
AI-based rule generator
Selection of SVG and GIF files to be imported
Our experience from major projects with over 10 000 drawings has left its mark on the design of our SVG parser module. When we designed the workflow, emphasis was put on usability; despite it being potentially monotonous work, the design of our module enables you to use it for lengthy periods of time without becoming too tired. Please remember that the SVG display module and SVG parser modules can only be used for spare parts diagrams which already exist in a vector-based file format.
Exploded view after automatic parsing
Any errors can be rectified with the help of the mouse
Parsing process results page