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PlusParts with its flexible structure can be used wherever spare parts information and exploded-view diagrams need to be retrieved online.

Here are some possibilities:

This is the traditional application of PlusParts. Your service agents can use PlusParts in a password-protected area of your web site (Service-Extranet) to locate, identify and order spare parts they need to repair a specific product. Useful additional features such as the online warranty application and quotation generator offer your service represetatives even greater value and guarantee prompt acceptance of this system for ordering parts.

PlusParts' media-independent database means that you can also distribute the spare parts information by CD-ROM, microfiche and printed catalogue. Whatever the distribution form, all information will be consistent since it is based on a single set of data.

In addition, you can accomodate a number of other interesting offers for your agents in the Service Extranet. We will be happy to provide more ideas if required.

PlusParts lets you sell parts directly to the end customer. The online representation using exploded-view diagrams and simple parts identification make it easy, even for less technical minded people, to find and order the right part. If you only want to, or are only allowed to sell a portion of the entire range of spare parts to end customers, then you can set the appropriate parameters in PlusParts. In order to make it easier for customers to carry out repairs themselves, you can set up a link to help with assembly and repairs for the appropriate spare part. All this provides your customers with an easy-to-use internet-based spare parts shop.

Are you a spare parts wholesaler and looking for a suitable online shopping system? PlusParts provides the perfect solution since this system lets you sell any number of spare parts of different makes to your customers conveniently via the internet. In terms of the way the spare parts diagrams are represented, PlusParts offers you possibilities different from those you would find in a conventional online shopping system. You can always keep your shop up-to-date yourself with an extensive back office. In connection with a link to your ERP system, PlusParts gives you the perfect e-commerce solution.