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The PlusParts application has been designed in such a way that its user interface can be presented in as many languages and for as many countries as you want. This enables you to maintain and organise your spare parts supply centrally.

The PlusParts back office facilitates the translation of individual modules of text. Translators can use the web browser to do their translation work. This method is also advantageous considering that the application is continually being updated.

We are able to supply you with basic text components for the five world languages, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German, which you will, however, still need to edit to suit your individual requirements.

It is important to note, too, that you can run the application in all these languages irrespective of the country that the application is registered in. In this way PlusParts can help you to successfully according to the situation in specific countries.

For example, almost all of the South American market uses Spanish. However, prices, currencies and dealer data will vary from country to country. The same applies to Europe and despite the introduction of the Euro as the official Europe-wide currency. It is very likely, for example, that despite having the same currency and language, France and Belgium will have different sales structures (wholesalers/direct sales). Even so, PlusParts has no problems depicting these differences.

PlusParts in french
PlusParts in italian

 As a conseuence of increased globalisation, languages not based on the Latin alphabet are becoming more and more important. Since PlusParts is now based entirely on Unicode, this means that it can display character codes such as Cyrillic and Arabic without any problems. This means that languages like Chinese, Hindi and Russian no longer pose any problems.