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Due to the implementation of new EU guidelines at the end of this year, the guarantee or warranty period for consumer goods sold in Germany will be extended. Most manufacturers will thus be forced to come up with more efficient ways of processing warranty applications. An important factor in ensuring good customer relations has always been the ability to make warranty processing run smoothly.

PlusParts facilitates the warranty process between service agent and manufacturer and helps to cut costs thanks to the integrated warranty application feature:

Based on the application sent, after only a few mouse clicks, service agents can add any outstanding customer data, enter their estimated hours for labour and thus quickly generate a complete warranty application. This can then either be forwarded online directly to the manufacturer or printed out and counter-signed by the customer and then sent by post or fax. This ensures that manufacturers always receive fully completed and standardised warranty applications for subsequent processing.

This is how it works:
Your service agent uses the spare part search feature to identify and order the part he needs for the repair. His purchase order then creates a new order in the order management tool.
Entering some more data into the online warranty application form then creates the warranty application. In addition to the customer's name and any product-related information, additional information about the repair job in question will need to be filled in.

The completed warranty application form is then ready to be printed out and can be sent on to the manufacturer after the customer has signed it.

Note: If the manufacturer does not require the application form to be signed, you can, of course, do all the above by electronic means (email).

PlusParts can be used in as many languages and for as many different countries as you want. This lets you organise and maintain your range of spare parts centrally from anywhere in the world.
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Is the product still worth repairing? Service agents can use PlusParts to very easily generate a complete cost estimate which can then be emailed on to customers or printed out and then sent by post.
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